About us

Fleckenstein Solar supports householders, companies and communities in their transition from traditional to renewable energy. For almost 10 years our company promotes and implements PV system projects so that your life and business get as independent as possible from the grid supply.


Among classical engineering services, we offer projects development, planning, commercial consultancy, due diligence acquisition of project financing as well as the conception of investment opportunities. Fleckenstein Solar and its experience partners have the appropriate and suitable expertise for ground and roof tops PV energy systems.


Our services

  • Acquisition of land to be developed and of partially developed land and sites, reworking the concept up to the building permit, commissioning and final acceptance
  • Land registration
  • Operation of power generation plants
  • Execution of the entire EEG compliant approval procedure
  • Negotiation with manufactures and suppliers
  • Preparation of tender documents, contract award
  • Monitoring the construction and commissioning of the power generation plant and the necessary infrastructure
  • Construction of land suitable for generation of renewable energy
  • Acquisition of existing solar power plants
  • Optimization, modernization of the basic concept  
  • Repowering of sites with old plants
  • Construction supervision up to the turnkey construction with mains connection of the plants and if necessary final acceptance by TÜV experts
  • Maintenance and repair of the plant
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