Start your transition to renewable energy today!

Renewable energy is affordable

Renewable energy becomes more affordable than ever, the latest data showing that the investment costs for PV power plants have fallen an average of 13 percent per year – in all, 75 % since 2006. Bellow figure shows the price development since 2006 for rooftop installations between 10 kWp to 100 kWp in Germany.[1]

Average end customer price (net system price) for installed rooftop systems with rated nominal power from 10 - 100 kWp, data from BSW, plotted by PSE AG.


The energy source is free and unlimited

The sun represents an inexhaustible source of energy for humans. Above that, the energy is available free of charge.

Low CO 2 power generation

The generation of clean electricity contributes significantly to CO 2 reduction.

Generate your own energy and be part of a clean running world! Contact us today and our specialists will offer you the necessary support!

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